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Las Vegas stabbing victim says suspect ‘had every intention’ to kill


(WASHINGTON) — The man who allegedly left two dead and six injured after he went on a stabbing spree in Las Vegas “had every intention” of killing the victims, one of the survivors told ABC News.

Yoni Barrios, 32, allegedly approached a group of performers outside the Wynn Casino on Thursday and asked to take a picture with them before removing a knife, according to an arrest report.

Barrios allegedly told police he removed a black carbon knife from a suitcase, telling the women he was a chef, and he became angry because he thought the women were laughing at him and making fun of his clothing, according to the report.

“Barrios started running and looking for groups of people so he could ‘let the anger out,"” the arrest report stated.

Surveillance video showed the suspect stab several victims, including street performer Maris Mareen DiGiovanni, before running south along the sidewalk, where he stabbed victim Brent Hallet in the back, according to the arrest report.

The suspect then continued running south and stabbed two victims before turning east along Sands Avenue and stabbing another two victims, the report stated.

Both DiGiovanni and Hallet died from their injuries.

Anna Westby, one of the street performers, told ABC News from her hospital bed that he “had every intention of killing her [DiGiovanni], killing us.”

Westby said the suspect approached them, asking for a photo with his logo. After DiGiovanni said yes, he pulled out a knife, she added.

“And we’re like, ‘That’s not a logo — the logo we were expecting,"” Westby said.

Barrios then allegedly grabbed the knife and stabbed DiGiovanni in the chest, Westby said.

Westby denied that the group of street performers was making fun of the suspect, saying, “There was not a single moment where he was provoked.”

Barrios allegedly chose his targets at random, a source told ABC News. The victims include both locals and tourists, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said during a press briefing Thursday.

He allegedly confessed to police, apologizing and acknowledging that what he did was wrong, according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation. Barrios allegedly did not have a coherent explanation, making it seem that he had snapped, the official said.

Surviving street performers later told police the suspect made them feel uncomfortable, according to the arrest report. One of the victims told police that Barrios told him, “sorry man,” as he stabbed him, the report stated.

As of Thursday night, three victims were in critical condition and another three in stable condition, police said. It is unclear whether their conditions have changed.

Barrios has been charged with two counts of open murder with a deadly weapon and six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, according to police.

He was denied bail during a court appearance Friday afternoon and is scheduled to appear again on Tuesday.

Information on a defense attorney for Barrios was not immediately available.

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