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How to properly change your skin care routine for summer sun


(NEW YORK) — As the seasons change, our skin care needs change with it, so here are a few dermatologist-approved ideas to help switch up that regimen for summer.

Dr. Rita Linkner shared her top tips with ABC News’ Good Morning America to get your skin ready for the summer sun:

What should you look for in sunscreen?

“There are three things you’re looking for: Broad spectrum is gonna cover UVA, UVB; At least SPF 30; Remember you want it to really be water resistant for up to an hour is what you’re looking for on the label,” Linkner said.

What should change with skin care from spring to summer

“Temperatures are rising, humidity levels are rising. Switch out that pore-clogging, thick cream, you want to go to lighter serums and lotions,” she said.

What ingredients to look for in summer skin products?

“You want to see the titanium oxide [or] zinc oxide in it,” Linkner said. “There are a lot of extra bells and whistles that can protect you against pollution and environmental stressors as well.”

How much sunscreen should you use?

“An ounce is what you need to cover yourself head to toe when you’re at the beach on the weekend. If you’re not using a full ounce you’re not getting the same SPF level that’s on the bottle. Remember, a full shot glass. That’s what you need,” she explained.

How often should you reapply sunscreen?

“Every two hours. Remember if you get out of water sunscreen’s not sweatproof, reapply. And if you’re exercising, reapply every two hours as well,” she said.

What is ultraviolet protection factor clothing?

“In 2023, there’s a lot of fashion involved with upf — ultraviolet protection factor — you want to be around a 50 level. It will block 1/50th of UVB light,” Linkner said.

She suggested a wide-brim hat, sunglasses and other things that cover places aggravated by the sun.

Top body parts to keep covered with SPF

Finally, she said you should remember to apply sunscreen on some neglected body parts: the tip of the nose, top of the ears, lips and hands.

“These are common areas we’re going to see skin cancer and May is skin cancer awareness month,” she said.

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