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Yvette Nicole Brown says “I’m sorry or you’re welcome” to parents for new earworm-ready theme to Disney Junior’s ‘Chicken Squad’


In case you didn’t know, today is National Dance Like a Chicken Day, and Disney Junior is making a huge clucking deal of it, by launching its new animated show Chicken Squad this evening.

The series is inspired by the children’s book of the same name by Doreen Cronin, and follows three young chicken siblings — Coop, Sweetie, and Little Boo — as they go on adventures.

Yvette Nicole Brown, a self-described Disney geek who can currently be seen opposite John Stamos in Big Shots on Disney+, voices the chicken trio’s retired search and rescue dog mentor, a Husky named Captain Tully.

The series launches tonight at 7:30 p.m., and it will give parents their first — but definitely not their last — exposure to the show’s earworm-ready theme, which is peppered with a chorus of declarative clucks.

“And I am sorry or you’re welcome, whichever one you need from me, I’m here to give it to you,” Brown laughs. “It’s catchy as all get out.”

Music is key to the show, she explains. “They run the gamut…They might be country, they might be R&B, they might be jazz fusion. I mean, probably not jazz fusion, but you understand. It’s a lot of different genres of music, too, so it’s really great.” 

Signing on to the series was a no-brainer for the accomplished actress. “Beyond being a Disney person, I would have been a teacher had I not become an actor, I wanted to teach kindergarten to first grade, and that’s five and six-year-olds. Disney Junior is right in that sweet spot of two to seven. So this is like the mothership calling me home,” she smiles.  

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