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“You took the blow”: Wanda Sykes thanks Ellen for making it easier to her to come out to her parents


Wanda Sykes makes her 39th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, and uses the appearance to credit the chat show host with making it easier to come out as gay to her own parents. 

In a virtual appearance, Sykes first joked about her many appearances on the show, asking, “Shouldn’t I get a watch or somethin’?” However, the comic and actress got serious when it came to thanking Ellen for blazing the trail for many people, both famous and not, to have the courage to live their truth. 

“Absolutely” it helped, Skyes told DeGeneres. “You know how you’re just iconic. The whole community appreciates you. You took the blow. You’re the first one to be ‘out’ out like that, and it helped so many of us…”

Sykes explained, “It just helped with my parents [who were] having a hard time dealing with it,” because “their friends coming up to them and saying ‘We love Ellen, and we love when Wanda’s on Ellen.’ It does, it made a big difference, you made a big difference, and we’re always grateful for what you did.”

As for the news that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be wrapping after its 19th season, Sykes admitted, “I don’t know how I feel about that.” She explained, “I’m a little sad, but I’m happy for you, and that we have one more season.”

Sykes promised to be on the show again, in person, next year.

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