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‘Yellowstone’ gets the ‘Monopoly’ treatment


One of the most popular shows on TV, Yellowstone, is now part of the Monopoly franchise.

That’s right: If you ever wished you could build your empire like the Dutton clan, now you can, thanks to Hasbro’s board-game version of the neo-Western phenomenon.

Monopoly: Yellowstone’s makers tease that players can collect properties, including some of the Paramount Network series’ most recognizable locations: Obviously, the Dutton Ranch Main House is up for grabs, as are stables, the bunkhouse, Rip & Beth’s cabin, the Paradise Valley Resort and others.

Instead of the classic game’s shoe, thimble and other player pieces, the new game offers up a branding iron, a saddle, a cowboy hat, a bull and a belt buckle. The “Chance Cards” have been re-branded as “Protect The Land” Cards, with Monopoly’s “Community Chest” cards retrofitted with Rip Dutton’s memorable line: “We Don’t Choose The Way.”

And because you can’t build an empire without legal tender, the game’s iconic colored cash gets a Yellowstone-themed face-lift, too.

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