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Wunmi Mosaku reveals ‘Loki’ director Kate Herron and Tom Hiddleston were her go-to guides for the MCU


As a newcomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki star Wunmi Mosaku admits that she had a lot to learn about the massive franchise that centers around Marvel superheroes. Thankfully for Mosaku, who plays Time Variance Authority officer Hunter B-15, she had some very knowledgeable people in her corner to break it all down. 

“I would speak to Kate Herron. Kate Herron has it all in her mind,” Mosaku tells ABC Audio of the Loki director. “She knows the MCU inside out. And she really understands the whole world of the TVA and all the lingo. And she just she knows it all. So she was definitely my point of contact for any questions.”

While it’s safe to say that Herron gave Mosaku a full understanding of the TVA and how the multi-verse actually works, the U.K. actress reveals that it was her fellow Brit and Loki co-star, Tom Hiddleston, that gave her the official crash course on the MCU. 

“Tom also knows a lot about the MCU. Like, he knows it all,” she says with a laugh. “So you could ask him anything and [he] would just know.”

Mosaku adds, “It’s a lot to get your head around. But I think the show kind of explains it quite well.”

New episodes of Loki launch Wednesdays on Disney+. 

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