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“Will should have slapped him even harder”: Chris Rock gets flak for Nicole Brown Simpson joke


(NOTE LANGUAGE) While Will Smith‘s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars is still echoing throughout the Fresh Prince star’s career, some fans are turning the tide in his favor, thanks to a joke Rock recently made at the expense of Nicole Brown Simpson.

As reported, Rock recently told a comedy show crowd that he was asked to host the upcoming Academy Awards again, but he turned it down, comparing it to asking “Nicole Brown Simpson to go back to the restaurant.”

A forgotten pair of Brown’s sunglasses led waiter Ron Goldman to bring them to the Brentwood, California home of O.J. Simpson‘s ex-wife — and the grisly 1994 murder of both of them.

Some took to Twitter to do a little smacking of their own of the comic. “#WillSmith should’ve slapped #ChrisRock even harder for the s*** he is spewing,” one Twitter user commented.

“Another woman serving as foils for #ChrisRock’s ‘jokes.’ Dear #WillSmith, all is forgiven,” opined another.

One tweeted a photo of Will slapping Rock with the caption, “This mf is tasteless classless and CORNY ASF and always has been #slap #ChrisRock #again.”

Another Twitter user offered, “Let’s get people to take turns slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars every year.”

Another fumed, “Can the academy suspend Chris Rock over his Nicole Brown Simpson remark?… I think I understand where Will Smith was coming from better.”

Smith was banned from all Motion Picture Academy events for 10 years because of the incident, for which he’s repeatedly apologized.

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