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Who’s behind the door? ‘Love, Victor’ stars can’t wait for you to find out


Love, Victor’s third and final season debuts today, June 15, on Hulu and Disney+, and fans will finally get the answer they’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for since season 2 ended on a doozy of a cliffhanger.

We left off with Victor torn between two guys – his ex and first love, Benji, and new potential love interest Rahim. In the season 2 finale, he presumably makes his decision, running to one of their houses and ringing the bell. But who’s on the other side of the door? The show’s stars say they can’t wait for fans to finally find out.

“It will be nice not to have to hold the secret in anymore,” George Sear, who plays Benji, tells ABC Audio.

“Yeah, yeah, for sure,” Michael Cimino, who plays Victor, agrees. “I think that’s, like, the best part about it is it’s no longer our secret to keep.”

The two say they had no idea fan reaction to the love triangle would be so passionate, but it just goes to show the effect the show has had in just three seasons.

“I think just the impact that the show has had, and hopefully the lasting impact that it will have, is something that … I was really proud to be a part of,” Sear says.

For Cimino, he’s taking away a major life lesson from playing Victor. “I keep saying this, but it’s to be brave,” he says. “Victor embracing who he is … like, it just resonates with me.”

Season 3 of Love, Victor — also starring Isabella Ferreira, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood and Rachel Hilson — is out now.

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