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Watch Martin Scorsese hilariously try to identify feminine products with his daughter


Acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese may know the ins and out on how to create an Oscar-nominated film — but when it comes to identifying the products his 21-year-old daughter uses on the daily, he’s admittedly stumped.

On Monday, his daughter Francesca Scorsese challenged her old man to look at several popular women’s products — like eyelash curlers and scrunchies — and guess what they are.

Titling the hilarious yet wholesome TikTok video “Having my dad guess feminine items pt. 1,” Francesca was shocked when the 78-year-old producer started off strong and knew how the first two products worked.

When looking at an image of a pink eyelash curler, the Uncut Gems producer dictated, “That is a… it’s for your eyes.  You know, mascara?”

The second image, a beauty blender, had a confused Scorsese guessing, “That is a… um… sort of cosmetic thing that you use.”  Thankfully, Francesca handed him the win on that one because he needed the extra points.

Scorsese struggled through the next few images, such as calling a menstrual cup a “flagon… no! An eye cup” and calling a pair of nipple pasties “earbuds.”

The filmmaker met his match when he was tasked to identify a hair donut, of which he guessed was “some sort of weird pillow… of some kind.”

Francesca did throw her dad a softball, however, which was a bobby pin.  When that image came up midway through the challenge, the Oscar winner scoffed, “Come on, what is this? Wasting my time.”

Here’s hoping we get a part 2 very soon!

Scorsese shares Francesca with wife Helen Morris.


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