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Warner Bros. looking to conjure up Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman for Practical Magic 2


In an Instagram Story, Warner Bros. Pictures on Monday teased that it’s conjuring up a sequel to the bewitching 1998 hit Sandra Bullock/Nicole Kidman film Practical Magic.

The film had the pair playing witchy sisters who face prejudice in their small town, as well as a curse that keeps them from finding true love.

WB used a series of clips from the movie to hint that a Practical Magic 2 was in the offing: one features Bullock’s Sally running toward Mark Feuerstein‘s Michael, set — as it is seen in the movie — to Faith Hill‘s hit from the film “This Kiss.” Hastily stuck onto her beau are the words “Practical Magic 2.”

Another clip shows Nicole Kidman’s Gillian shaking a number 2 from a vial and adding it to a bottle labeled “Practical Magic.”

The third snippet shows both Owens sisters performing a magic ritual they use to bring the title to life.

Officially, the studios haven’t announced the project is a go with both Oscar winners aboard, but considering they’re using both leads on their social media, you don’t need to have magical intuition to see what’s coming down the pike.

Directed by Griffin Dunne, the original film also starred Emmy winner Stockard Channing and Oscar winner Dianne Weist, as well as Aiden Quinn and Goran Visnjic.

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