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WandaVision’s Paul Bettany proves to be fan trolling king with finale “cameo” talk


(LONDON) — While there are secrets in the finale of WandaVision, which just dropped today — and which we won’t reveal — star Paul Bettany admits hype over an earth-shaking cameo in the last episodes was on him. 

Quite literally. 

Last month, he told the Black Girl Nerds podcast, “There’s stuff that I can’t talk to you about, where I get to work with an actor that’s going to be a surprise for everybody. I get to work with an actor that I’ve been wanting to work with forever, who is just unbelievable. We have some real fireworks together.”

Naturally, the hints got fans guessing. Would it be Doctor Strange? Professor Xavier from the X-Men films? 

But on Thursday, Bettany told Good Morning America that the “secret” cameo amounted to Bettany working with…himself: an alternate version of Vision seen in the show’s penultimate episode. 

“You know when you think something is going to be funny, and you say it? And then you actually panic about it? Because that’s what I did,” a slightly embarrassed Bettany admitted to GMA via a remote interview.

He added, “Fans started guessing about who it might be, and they were guessing people like Benedict Cumberbatch or Patrick Stewart. And I was thinking, ‘…that’s a good idea!’ And they’re going to be so disappointed when they find out it’s me!”

When pushed for some actual tea on the finale, Bettany flexed his trolling muscles again, by saying he’d love to spill secrets — only to freeze on camera, pretending his Internet service was dodgy.

The Marvel movie veteran wouldn’t answer various fan theories about the finale, responding to each of Michael Strahan’s questions with “Hmmm” — except one. When pressed whether Vision would “survive the finale,” Bettany allowed, “Well, my bank manager certainly hopes so,” cracking up the GMA team. 

By Stephen Iervolino
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