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‘WandaVision’ baddie Kathryn Hahn shares real-life superpower: embarrassing her kids


While she stunned fans with her witchy powers as Agatha Harkness in Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, Kathryn Hahn tells ABC Audio she has a real-life superpower: embarrassing her children. 

Making matters worse, the power is out of her control, she bashfully admits to ABC Audio. “I mean, I feel like I cannot open my mouth in front of my children, they won’t let me when we’re in public, I’m just not allowed to.”

The actress is mom to 11-year-old Mae and 13-year-old Leonard Sandler, her kids with actor husband Ethan Sandler, and no matter what she does, she explains she can’t impress them.

“Apparently, there’s an expression like ‘That’s cringey.’ And I said, ‘That’s cringe.’ And it was — I mean, the eye-rolling and the like embarrassment!” Hahn says with a laugh.  It was like they both wanted to just, like, crawl under a rock and disappear. And I…thought I was being so cool. And it was I was absolutely not.”

An ubiquitous meme of Hahn as Agatha only made things worse for her connected kids, the actress laughs. “I’m sure that they like they pass by that meme of me winking just like, ‘Oh my God!’ [N]o one has said anything yet, but I’m sure there’s a lot of quick swipes. Real quick swipes, just unspoken.”  

Here’s hoping Hahn manages to have a Happy Mother’s Day nonetheless.

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