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Vanessa Bell Calloway dishes on new supernatural drama ‘Wicked City’


The supernatural series Wicked City has arrived and things are bound to get witchy. 

The new ALLBLK drama cast includes accomplished actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, who tells ABC Audio the series “is about these young urban witches in Atlanta, and they’re trying to navigate their way through their lives and their careers.” 

“They’re four witches that are really tight and then a fifth sister kind of joins the coven because she is sent there by her mother, actually, and she doesn’t even know this world exists, she has no idea that she too possesses magical powers,” she explains.

Over her career, Bell Calloway has appeared in numerous shows like This Is Us, Saints & Sinners, The Black Hamptons, Shameless, and more. So what drew her to the role in Wicked City? 

Aside from the fact that she’s never played a witch on screen, Calloway says, “It was simply a no brainer because I think the project is fresh, it’s new, and you never see a Black leads in a supernatural or spiritual type of spiritual realm, type of show.”

“We’re always girlfriends or the friends or the other person, but we’re never the stars,” she adds.

Bell Calloway also shares that being able to produce the series made the decision to join the cast an easy one. 

“I’m at the stage in my career that, yes, I still love to act, but I like to produce and I like to direct,” the actress says. “And anytime you get a chance to be a part of a project that’s in the inception, you know, just being formed and shaped. That’s exciting.” 

Catch new episodes of Wicked City, also starring Shaquita SmithMercedez McDowellChantal Maurice, and Chanel Mack, every Thursday on ALLBLK.

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