‘Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion’ cast says they were trained to “feel like we could really be superheroes”


That Latino superhero comedy Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion arrives Friday on Disney Channel and fans can expect to see some intense stunts.

Scarlett Estevez stars as Violet Rodriguez, a new hero who goes by the moniker Ultra Violet. She tells ABC Audio, “We were training a lot!”  

Adds J.R. Villarreal, who plays Black Scorpion, “It was so fun. They definitely trained us enough to make us feel like we could really be superheroes.”

The show follows Violet, who is chosen by a magical luchador mask that transforms her into Ultra Violet. She sets out on a quest to become a famous hero and seeks the vigilante Black Scorpion to train her. She soon learns Black Scorpion is none other than her uncle Cruz de la Vega.

Aside from fighting crime, the two said an important pillar of their series is family. Estevez adds the theme makes the series “really special and really amazing.” She notes, “Besides comedy and action, there’s lots of love and lots of family … It grounds the show and it brings it to this real aspect where people can really relate to it on a different level.”

Villarreal agrees the relationships their characters form with their family, their friends and their culture is “the heart of the show,” which he believes “is what’s really going to surprise people.”

So, what would they do if a magical luchador mask chose them to be the next superpowered crime fighters?  Estevez says, “I think I would be a little freaked out and leave [the mask] in the corner for a little bit.”

“I might … just go full method and just use the superhuman strength,” Villarreal jokes, adding he’d probably join the NFL or become a luchador.  

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion premieres June 3 on Disney Channel. 

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