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“Tomorrow is not guaranteed”: John Stamos on the “heartbreaking” lessons he learned from losing Bob Saget


For John Stamos, losing friend Bob Saget last January was “heartbreaking” for more than the obvious reason.

“It was so heartbreaking to see [that] he didn’t know how loved he was,” Stamos says.

“I guarantee it. And to, to think that he didn’t feel that. It really hurts me.”

The actor tells ABC Audio that he was “grateful” he got to channel his grief into the upcoming season of the Disney+ show Big Shot, debuting October 12. He helped craft a storyline in which his coach character, Marvin, loses a “close friend and mentor.”

Stamos says, “He sees this outpouring of love for his friend, and he goes, ‘Where’s my legacy? What am I leaving behind?"”

He continues, “Because people go, and then they never, they don’t get to hear how much everybody loved them.”

Marvin’s players, and his daughter, get to tell him precisely that, he explains.

“That’s a lesson, too, from Bob,” the actor expresses.

“Like, he left nothing on the table. You just go tell people that … when you get a chance, that you love them, that you care about them, that you’re proud of them, whatever it may be, because tomorrow’s never promised.”

Stamos explains Saget always sent sincere texts to those he loved, sometimes for no reason at all.

“Long texts,” he recalls. “And there were a lot of dirty words mixed into the love and kindness.”

Stamos joked, “If we’re real quiet right now, we can hear him complaining in heaven that I’m not talking about him enough today,” before adding wistfully, “I miss him, you know. I miss him.”

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