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Tim Allen reflects on ‘Last Man Standing’ as series comes to an end, “This I love”


After nine season on air, Last Man Standing has come to an end. Prior to Thursday night’s special one-hour series finale, star Tim Allen reflected on his time on the show. 

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight about the series, which was canceled once before and then resurrected, Allen recalled that Kaitlyn Dever, who had a reoccurring role on the show and returned for the finale episode, “was 12 when the show started.” 

“When we had that year off, I called Nancy [Travis] and told her I talked to the girls and we were talking about what they were doing and if we could get all of them to come back because Dana Walden at Fox had shown some interest [in bringing back the show],” he shared. “And at the end of our conversation, Nancy said, ‘Just to be clear, they’re not our girls. And I am not actually your wife.’ And I went, ‘Oh right. Let me call you back."”

“I took the show pretty seriously when [ABC] said that we were out and I had an alternate reality that for a control freak like me, you do control,” Allen continued. “You go to work and there’s craft service. I loved going to work. Very few jobs I’ve had other than standup, which I don’t like to travel and I don’t like waiting to go on stage because I get nervous, I loved that part of it. This I love. And every now and then there was a two percent chance where I’m like, ‘I’m done with this."”

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