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‘The Watchful Eye’ will make you suspect everyone, says cast


The Watchful Eye premieres Monday, and the show’s cast is warning viewers it’s designed to make you mistrustful of everyone.

The show stars Mariel Molino as Elena, a woman with a spotty past who lies her way into becoming a rich widower’s live-in nanny so she can steal the family’s priceless jewel. However, she soon suspects she’s not the only master liar — and some people may be willing to kill to protect their secrets.

Warren Christie stars as widower Matthew and teased to ABC Audio, “We want everyone to be suspicious of every single person. … Every character has two sides. Every character has secrets.”

He not only wants the show to excite the audience, he hopes the show’s twists frustrate viewers in a good way.

Speaking of those twists, Aliyah Royale stars as Ginny and says the show even outwitted her. “I pride myself on being the person who can call a plot line, and I definitely couldn’t on this one, unfortunately,” she said.

The Watchful Eye includes a few red herrings and Jon Ecker‘s character, Scott, a detective who’s romantically involved with Elena, could be one of them. He praised the show’s writers for creating such a misleading aura for his character. 

Molino described the fun she had playing Elena, noting she deliberately acts like a different person around every character. Molino hinted things get interesting when those lines begin to blur.

The Watchful Eye premieres Monday, January 30, at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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