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‘The Voice’ returns for its 20th season with Kelly, John, Blake & Nick Jonas, who’s “here to win”


(LOS ANGELES) — Tonight, The Voice returns to NBC for an incredible 20th season, kicking off as usual with the Blind Auditions. Kelly Clarkson, back for another round as a coach, believes the Blinds — where the contestants sing without the coaches seeing them — is the reason the show has lasted for 10 years.

“The Blinds…really does make it about the voice,” says Kelly. “I think sometimes we can’t remember a time before Auto Tune or just listening to really great singers…people that really move you and don’t need help from anything else: It’s just their God-given gift. And the Blinds really supports that.”

Kelly also thinks the fact that the contestants are mentored by the coaches is another unique aspect of the show — and something she wishes she could have had on American Idol.

“It would have been a really cool thing to have someone in the industry, helping me on my way,” she explains. “That would have really…boosted my confidence. So I love that we get to do that for people.”

But Nick Jonas, who’s returned to join Kelly, Blake Shelton and John Legend as a coach, believes the show’s longevity is down to something else.

“It’s really hopeful, it’s incredibly wholesome, and it makes you feel good when you watch it,” he explains, adding, “It’s just one of those shows that means a lot to people, and the longer it’s on TV, the more they love it.”

This season, Nick, who says “I’m here to win,” believes John Legend is his biggest competition. But Kelly Clarkson admits he’s caused her to lose out on some promising contestants.

“It is funny when you turn around and it’s a young girl and you’re up against Nick Jonas,” she laughs. “You’re like, ‘So…I am losing here!"”

By Andrea Dresdale
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