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“The Mosquito Coast” star Justin Theroux is pretty handy, just not at pronouncing his own name


Justin Theroux is an environmentalist inventor with a mysterious past in The Mosquito Coast, a new drama series out today on Apple TV+.

His character, Allie Fox, can fix pretty much everything, and Theroux tells ABC Audio the COVID-19 pandemic brought out the handyman in him as well.

“I mean, like during the pandemic when people couldn’t come and repair the laundry machine, I actually got pretty good at doing more complicated tasks,” he said.  “You know, my toolbox definitely expanded literally.”

However, the 49-year-old actor could probably use a little help with the proper way to say his name, which he pronounces “Thuh-ROH.”

Justin’s uncle, Paul Theroux, who wrote the book on which the series is based, says in a video from Apple that Justin has been mispronouncing it all this time.  The proper way, according to Paul, is “Thuh-ROO.”

What’s not in question is Justin’s concern about protecting the environment — just not as intensely as as his Mosquito Coast character.

“Allie has windmills and water recycling at his house. You know, I don’t think I’m that stringent,” he says. “I’ve gotten very good at bringing my own bags, but also it feels feudal sometimes just like ugh, when you look at the challenges to our environment. But yeah, I mean, I do the best that I can.”

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