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‘The Humans’ serves up a Thanksgiving feast full of family drama


One new movie opening this week may get you in the mood for Thanksgiving — or just happy that you’re not stuck in this family.

The Humans stars Beanie FeldsteinAmy SchumerSteven Yeun and Richard Jenkins in a tense, funny, and dark drama. Stephen Karam wrote and directed the film, based off his own play, and he tells ABC Audio why it’s a great movie to watch on Turkey Day.

“Because it’s not your family, the joy of, I think, the entertainment value of this story is that no matter how bad things get, it’s not your family, he explains. “So I feel safe recommending it at any moment, both before or after eating.”

Karam says the beauty of The Humans is that while people relate to different characters, they always identify with someone.

“Maybe some people are the mother and are likewise this daughter’s so spoiled, and some people are 25 going, ‘Oh my God, I feel similarly clinically insane when I go home and I become like a teenager again. Like, what is this insanity, I’m 25. I shouldn’t be doing this anymore,"” he explains.

Jenkins tells ABC Audio that the squabbling family at the center of it may not be that different from your own.

“They make horrible mistakes. They do, they say, mean things to each other,” he says. “But you know, I think if we saw a film of our own Thanksgiving dinner, we’d be a little surprised at, it may not be exactly what you think it is.”

The Humans opens Wednesday in theaters and on Showtime.

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