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‘The Good Doctor’ returns to ABC Monday night


ABC’s acclaimed medical drama The Good Doctor finally returns at 10 p.m. Monday for fans eager to learn what comes from the show’s cliffhanger season finale. 

In the closing moments of the previous season, things were rosy at a rooftop wedding ceremony for Freddie Highmore‘s Dr. Shaun Murphy and Paige Spara‘s Lea Diallo.

However, fans were left wondering what happened to Christina Chang‘s Dr. Lim and Elfina Luk‘s nurse Villenueva after the latter’s abusive ex stabbed them, leaving them in a pool of blood floors below the party.

“We’ll sort of pick up in the immediate aftermath,” Highmore says without divulging any spoilers. 

The actor, whose character is on the autism spectrum, says Shaun brings out the best of him. “I feel like playing Shaun sometimes makes me a better person,” he admits. “I think because I’m a Brit, I’m naturally quite cynical, and Shaun being the opposite of that probably rubs off on me in a good way.”

He also reckons Shaun is what keeps people tuning in as they mount their sixth season. “I think initially it was, you know, the fact that Shaun was such a hopeful character and in a time where the hope was maybe hard to come by, and that probably remains true to some extent today,” Highmore says. 

“And so I think, you know, having a character like Shaun was refreshing and hopefully remains so.”

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