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‘The Golden Bachelor’ recap: Gerry struggles as he admits he’s fallen for more than one woman


It was an emotional week for Gerry on ABC’s The Golden Bachelor as he traveled to several parts of the country to meet the families of TheresaFaith and Leslie, after which his connection with each woman only became stronger, leaving him with more difficult decisions.

Gerry’s first hometown visit was in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, to meet Theresa’s family, including Theresa’s daughter, Jen; her son-in-law, Matt; her grandsons; and her sisters, Mary and Charlotte.

Her family appeared to love them together. But when it came time for his one-on-one with Theresa’s daughter, Gerry was faced with some tough questions about what life would look like with Theresa after the show is over, and where he and Theresa would live, noting they are “a close-knit family … She’s here every day.”

And though Theresa told Gerry last week that she was falling in love with him, Gerry — when asked by Theresa’s daughter whether he was falling in love with her mom — said that he still “is not even sure I know what it feels like to fall in love again.”

However, after Theresa’s sisters told Gerry about how he’s brought her happiness, Gerry said it opened his eyes to “the possibility of having these feelings of love for Theresa.”

Gerry’s next hometown visit was to Benton County, Washington, where Faith lives.

As she introduced him to her horses and other animals on her farm, she said that she worried that her way of life wouldn’t be for him. But Gerry told her that he is “more than comfortable” with her lifestyle, and was more concerned about when and how they would spend time together.

At her home, Gerry met Faith’s two sons, Brenden and Nick; her sister, Beth; her grandkids; and her friend, Joan. He told them how Faith received his first impression rose, which prompted cheers from her sons.

When Gerry was asked by Faith’s sons whether he’s in love with their mom, he replied, “Yeah, I kind of think I am.”

At the end of their date, Gerry and Faith whispered “I love you” to each other in front of Faith’s family.

Gerry’s last hometown visit was to Minneapolis, Minnesota, to meet Leslie’s two sons, Eli and Zack; her daughter, Chloë; her three grandchildren; and Leslie’s oldest brother, Stuart.

During the visit, Leslie opened up to her daughter about the potential of getting her heart broken, and Leslie’s daughter shared that it also would “kill her” to see Leslie heartbroken after making it this far in Gerry’s journey.

But after Gerry met with Leslie’s family, he learned how much she’s connected to them, just as he is to his own family.

Leslie told Gerry that after seeing him with her family, she’s no longer “falling” for him, but that she’s in love with him.

“I’m crazy about you,” Leslie declared. “I can’t imagine right now my life without you.”

Before they said goodbye, Gerry told Leslie that he loves her, too.

During the rose ceremony, Gerry presented his first rose to Leslie, but before giving out his final rose, Gerry excused himself and left the room in tears.

“Having to send someone home is gut-wrenching,” he said. “I’m dying inside a little bit right at this moment.”

Who stays? We’ll find out next week on The Golden Bachelor, when the women tell all!

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