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Super-suits and a family saga: ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ debuts today on Netflix


Based on the graphic novel series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely, the epic superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy debuts on Netflix today.

The series centers on the world’s first generation of superheroes — including Josh Duhamel as Sheldon AKA The Utopian, and Leslie Bibb as his wife Grace AKA Lady Liberty. It tracks their characters and others both before and after they get bestowed superhuman powers. 

Spanning decades, the series jumps through time; a tale not just about good versus evil, but also family dynamics, loyalty, and the concept of duty in a dangerously changing time.

Aside from the “superhero stuff,” Transformers series star Duhamel says it’s…”like a modern tragedy…with all the betrayal and mistrust…” 

He explains to ABC Audio that the series is, “about a family who’s…[had the] spotlight…on them forever [but] inside the doors of their own home, they’re just a regular family dealing with things that most families deal with…”

That said, Josh loved his super-suit. 

He laughs, “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so jacked in this thing!” I’ve been working out my whole life and I’ve never come close to this!”

For Leslie Bibb, who appeared in Iron Man back in 2008, and whose Christine Everhart re-appeared in the MCU, getting her own super-suit was a long time coming — even if Jupiter’s isn’t a Marvel property.

“It is pretty wild, right?” she laughs. “But yeah, it took me a while. I didn’t think I would don a super-suit, but I’m really happy that I got asked!”

She added her Lady Liberty look gave her “a swagger.” She adds, “You know [how] if you give somebody a badge, they immediately feel like they have more power? I felt like I was wearing a human badge!”

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