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Stars of ‘Plan B’ on how the Hulu comedy is redefining the teen movie genre


The new Hulu comedy Plan B is about to redefine the teen quest movie.

The directorial debut of Dead to Me actress Natalie Morales follows best friends Sunny and Lupe — played by Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles — who have 24 hours to track down the Plan B pill in South Dakota after one of them has an awkward sexual encounter.

It’s both a raunchy comedy and a biting social commentary on the state of women’s healthcare in the U.S. But Moroles tells ABC Audio that the film also shows how the teen movie genre has evolved.

“I think what set it apart was, you know, that we were seeing these young females in these sex-positive situations and just written in a really specific and purposeful way,” she says. “And although the movie — it’s hilarious and it’s quite scandalous…for some people — it felt like all of those situations were there for a reason and it was super-real too.”

Verma adds, “If this was around when I was younger, I think I would have felt so much more seen and so much more able to share my truth and be the kind of weird high schooler that I was. I would have felt a lot safer. So I hope that it allows that for people.”

The two stars and director Morales all say making the film helped further spark their passion for women’s rights and activism.

“I think it’s a mutual inspiration,” Morales says. “Like, my passion for human rights and women’s rights inspired me to make this movie and also vice versa. I think it’s all kind of connected.”

Plan B begins streaming on Hulu Friday.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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