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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ star Sonequa Martin-Green talks the future of the show and that “profound” finale


It’s a wrap for Star Trek: Discovery. Sonequa Martin-Green has just finished her latest voyage as Captain Michael Burnham in Season 4…and she still hasn’t come back to Earth.

“It was quite profound,” she tells ABC Audio of the season ender’s surprise Stacey Abrams cameo. “She was utterly wonderful! You have this civil hero right in front of you. This legend in-the-making right in front of you.”

As it turns out, Abrams was no stranger to being in front of the camera, Martin-Green says: “And also completely talented! Because it turns out she’s acted some, and she did a fantastic job as the President of United Earth.”

While promoting her new partnership with Crest, to raise awareness for good oral hygiene for kids, Martin-Green says things are going full-speed ahead for the cast and crew of Discovery. 

“We officially have gotten into our groove. I love where we end in Season 4,” she says.

And she’s happy for the setup going into Season 5. “With peace being restored, and The Federation really building exactly, and strengthening and everything. And I think that we are going to have some time where we can kind of coast there. And I applaud the writers for that. For the art imitating life in that way right? Because that big conflict in Season 4 is very much a representation of the pandemic.”

Episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are available now on Paramount+.

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