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Star and executive producer Laurence Fishburne calls Marvel’s ‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ “a joy”


Legendary actor Laurence Fishburne takes an animated step into the Marvel Universe as the mysterious, mischievous and nearly all-powerful The Beyonder in the new Disney show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

The series, which debuts Friday on Disney Channel and February 15 on Disney+, centers on 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her 10-ton T. rex, Devil Dinosaur. When an experiment accidentally brings the titular dino into the present day, the unlikely super duo team up to protect New York’s Lower East Side from danger. 

Fishburne’s character introduces himself in an earworm-worthy song number, for which Fishburne told ABC Audio with a laugh, “I’m so sorry.”  

The Matrix and John Wick franchise veteran explains, “I have been a lifelong Marvel fan,’ adding with a hearty laugh, “I am what Stan Lee would refer to as a True Believer.”

He goes on to say, “This character is unlike anybody I’d played before. You know, when Steve [Loter] first showed me the design of the character, I loved it. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s that’s super cool.’ Never did I imagine that I would wind up singing,” he adds self-deprecatingly.

The former black-ish star and producer continues, “But the whole process has been just a joy, you know, as a fan of animation, you know, as a student of, like, people like [voice-over legends] Mel Blanc and Daws Butler, it’s really kind of a dream come true to be not just executive producing the show, but to be acting in it, as well.” 

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