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So, you want to watch every ‘Friends’ episode? Set aside 81 hours


With the anticipated Friends: The Reunion Special coming up, some fans have begun boning up on the beloved NBC series, the last first-run episode of which aired in 2004. 

To that end, the online betting site Buzz Bingo has done their homework, and calculated it would take 81 straight hours to watch everything that Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe did on the 90s sitcom. 

All 10 seasons and 236 episodes — subtracting flashback and clip shows that didn’t affect the overall plot — would take three days and 9 ½ hours to watch in one sitting. 

Add some bathroom breaks to that — please, do — and that 81 hours stretches to about four days, total, the site estimates.

This would technically mean you’d be late for the reunion May 27 reunion, if you started now. But because the special is running on HBO Max, you’ll be able to watch it whenever you’re done — that is, if after four days straight you still can’t get enough of the show. 

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