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‘She Memes Well: Essays’: Quinta Brunson shares how she found success in the “sharable digital age”


Actress and Internet meme star Quinta Brunson says she’s letting readers in on her “journey through the sharable digital age” with her new book, She Memes Well: Essays. 

Brunson, who admits she was at first “cynical” when “approached with the idea to write a book,” says she eventually warmed up to the notion because her specific story wasn’t “documented anywhere yet.”

“Not only in books of essays, but it wasn’t really being documented in textbooks… [or] in articles online,” Brunson tells ABC Audio. “But my experience was unique in being someone who went viral on a brand-new video platform — Instagram at the time — and then went on to work for a company like BuzzFeed.”

“It was a complete digital trajectory that was unique,” she says. “And… now has become more of the norm.”

Brunson’s ability to turn her digital success into a lucrative career is just one of the many things documented in her book.

“After I found my focus, that naturally takes you into other areas,” she says. “I’m from Philadelphia. Like being a Black girl in these spaces, what all of that means. And you slowly learn, ‘OK, I have more to say than I thought about my life so far."”

Beside documenting her career, Brunson says there’s a bigger purpose in sharing her story.

“I really want younger kids to be able to read this and feel the way I felt when I first read Tina Fey‘s book or Mindy Kaling‘s book,” she says. “I was like, ‘Wow, look at these people doing the career that I want to do.’ And even though I didn’t do it in the exact same way they did, I just hope that someone reads my book and gets that inspiration.”

She Memes Well: Essays is available for purchase Tuesday.

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