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See a life-sized house made of candy come to life on Hulu’s ‘Candified: Home for the Holidays’


(NOTE LANGUAGE) If you’re in the mood for something sweet this weekend, how does a thousand-square-foot house made of candy sound? Candified: Home for the Holidays is now streaming on Hulu, giving you the chance to see how candy artist Jackie Sorkin and her team pulled off the sweet feat. 

“We set out to impress this potential investor,” Sorkin explained to ABC Audio.

Forget visions of sugarplums — he was dreaming of a candy hotel. “This is a big daddy whale, and we had to create a giant candy house to show him our ability, our talent, our creativity, our scope, our team, our, you know, our bada**ness,” says Sorkin, “and it’s like we had to show it in a really big way and we did it again.”

“So, yeah, six weeks to create a massive, life-sized candy house,” Sorkin concludes. “It’s kind of crazy. Can’t believe we did it still.”

It took hundreds of thousands of pieces of sugary pieces to bring the creation to life, from the front yard to candy lamps, furniture, and anything else you’d find in a home — except it’s all edible.

“The first ‘wow’ entry moment, a big front yard giant, dreidel, snowman plants, you know, the candy walkways, everything is just obviously candyfied and incredible,” Sorkin enthuses.

“The interior, the living room, the spinning Christmas tree, the functional candy train that choo-choos around the living room with a massive candy couch. So many details that really make you enter this house and go, ‘Oh my gosh, this is the entire house made of candy. This is real life Candyland!"”  


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