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“Saturday Night Live” pans CDC’s mask mandate reversal


Saturday Night Live revived Kate McKinnon‘s interpretation of Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s announcement that fully vaccinated Americans may enjoy certain indoor activities without having to wear a mask.

In order to help illustrate exactly what the new guidance means, McKinnon’s Fauci — the self proclaimed “patron saint of Purell” — tasked “a few doctors at the CDC who minored in theater” to reenact “various scenarios in order to demonstrate correct masked behavior.”

Unfortunately, those doctors who minored in theaters certainly let their passion for the stage override their need to explain the mandate — from making quips about people lying about being fully vaccinated in order to drink at a bar at 11 a.m. to not needing to wear masks to storm the U.S. Capitol.

Of course, after each video, McKinnon’s Fauci would become increasingly disturbed and would try to explain what the real takeaway was. 

The final video presents a theoretical future where everyone is fully vaccinated and can safely gather.  The scene goes without a hitch, with the CDC actors joking about how they’re turning their old unused masks into craft projects.

However, the scene derails after one actor declares, “Now, let’s talk abut Israel,” prompting McKinnon’s Fauci to end the press conference.

Before signing off, she tells the audience to “please get the vaccine and enjoy life with no masks… Except this audience, you gotta keep ’em on!”

Keegan-Michael Key hosted SNL over the weekend while Olivia Rodrigo served as musical host.

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