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Sarah Paulson, John Hamm and dozens of other stars declare they’d rather stay on strike than “take a bad deal”


In an open letter, dozens of stars said they’d rather see the SAG-AFTRA strike continue than “cave” to a “bad deal” from studios.

Emmy winners Sarah Paulson, Jon Hamm, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Christine Baranski, along with the latter’s fellow Tony winner Jason Alexander, signed the letter, which also featured the names of numerous other stars, including Justified’s Timothy Olyphant, Star Trek movie veterans Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg, and Oscar winner Helen Hunt.

“Back in June, before we went on strike, a large group of members signed an open letter telling our leaders that we would rather go on strike than take a bad deal,” the letter begins.

“Now, more than 100 days into our strike, that is still true. As hard as this is, we would rather stay on strike than take a bad deal,” it continues.

The letter goes on to read in part, “We have not come all this way to cave now. We have not gone without work, without pay, and walked picket lines for months just to give up on everything we’ve been fighting for. We cannot and will not accept a contract that fails to address the vital and existential problems that we all need fixed.”

The letter comes as The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, the group representing the major studios, and negotiators for SAG-AFTRA continued their deliberations on Friday.

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