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Samuel L. Jackson visits ‘Sesame Street’, spoofs Nick Fury role with “The Aveggies”


Legendary actor Samuel L. Jackson made an appearance on Sesame Street Tuesday, and no, the segment wasn’t sponsored by the letters M and F.

Instead, the actor, along with his Muppet friend Abby, talked about the word of the day: “belonging.”

Jackson instructs, “Belonging is feeling like you’re an important member of a group, like your family.”

Dressed in a colorful sweater, “Mr. Sam” tells Abby, “We should all feel welcome and know there’s a place for us.”

The 73-year-old Marvel movie star then tells his fuzzy friend, “You know, I do belong to a special group” before dipping out of frame and emerging with a bell pepper eye patch. “Aveggies: Assemble!” he commands, and is joined by an Avengers-like Muppet team with vegetable-themed costumes. There’s an Onion Man, a guy dressed like Captain America with cauliflower insignia and a “Thor” with a hammer made of corn.

Abby is then asked to join the team, and she Hulks out as The Incredibroccoli.

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