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Rebel Wilson says her Hollywood team thought losing weight would cost her “millions”


As Adele recently told Oprah Winfrey, some of the singer’s fans took issue with her losing weight, and it seems Rebel Wilson had to grapple with that herself. 

In an interview with the BBC, Wilson, 41, said her plan for a “year of health,” which resulted in a nearly 80-pound weight loss, wasn’t welcome news to some of her reps. “I got a lot of pushback from my own team actually, here in Hollywood, when I said…’I feel like I’m really gonna physically transform and change my life."”

The star of Pitch Perfect — a movie in which she labeled herself as ‘Fat Amy’ — recalled the discussions.

“[T]hey were like, ‘Why? Why would you wanna do that?’ Because I was earning millions of dollars being the funny fat girl and being that person.”

Wilson insisted that while she was “very confident being bigger,” despite being, “double the size and sometimes triple times the weight of other actresses, “deep down” she knew, “some of the emotional eating she was doing was not healthy.”

She explained, “Like I did not need a tub of ice cream every night. That was me kind of numbing emotions using food, which wasn’t the healthiest thing.”

Wilson said her need to cope came from, “dealing with not being a natural performer, and having to perform every day. And that pressure and internal stress to be able to perform like that.”

Wilson also explained she’s still “trying on my fertility journey,” which she previously said was another prime mover for her fitness. However, Rebel says she’s trying not to have “any expectations on the outcome.” 

Instead, she’s just going to focus on being the “healthiest I can be,” and “whatever happens, happens.”

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