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Rachel Lindsay accuses ‘The Bachelorette’ of casting Black men who “didn’t date Black women”


Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is continuing to call the franchise out on its diversity issues, most recently accusing the show of casting Black men who “didn’t date Black women.”

Lindsay, who made history as the first Black Bachelorette in 2017, appeared on Ziwe Fumudoh‘s new Showtime variety series, during which he pointed out that, “All three of the Black Bachelors and Bachelorettes — Tayshia AdamsMatt James, and Rachel herself — have ended up with partners who are not of color.”

Rachel, who chose — and later married — Bryan Abasolo, although it should be noted that Rachael’s father is Honduran and Bryan is Colombian.

When asked if she received any backlash over her decision, Lindsay admitted, “It’s something I was worried about before I went on the show. I think I got a little bit more grace because I was the first, and people were just excited that a person of color was in this role.”

“I think when the next person chose someone that wasn’t Black, and then by the time we got to the third one, it was like, ‘You know what they’re just not going to choose anybody that’s Black,"” she continued.

The 36-year-old attorney blames that on a “casting issue,” claiming she “learned as I was going through my season that several of the Black men on my season didn’t date Black women.”

“That’s why I’m speaking out that you don’t need to diversify just your cast and your leads,” Rachel explained. “You need to diversify the people behind the camera.”

“Hopefully having somebody of color in the decision room, who has some power, who can help not just diversify and include more, but also understand, who come from these experiences as well,” she told E! Online back in February. 


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