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Quinta Brunson discusses ‘Abbott Elementary”s success in ‘Cosmopolitan”s Party Issue


It’s been nearly a year since Abbott Elementary premiered and the show’s seen much success, earning social media praise and three Emmy awards. As the cover star of Cosmopolitan’s Party Issue, show creator Quinta Brunson discussed why her show’s been a big hit.

“I can feel a chord that’s connected to everybody else, where I can feel what people would like to see right now or what would make people feel better,” she says. “I think that’s why Abbott hits the way that it does. Even if we’re telling a really specific joke about Jill Scott or Lil Uzi Vert, there’s a way to craft it so that it will still make a white grandma in Wichita laugh, even if she doesn’t know the reference.”

Abbott has earned several awards and nominations, including nods at the upcoming People’s Choice Awards. Despite the wins, Quinta admits she’s been more focused on improving the show than celebrating.

“I’m just not sure that certain things have been processing the way they should. I’m finding my ways to celebrate, but it’s been a consistent grind,” she says. “My focus is to make more Abbott and make it well.”

“I was recently telling someone older and way more successful than me that this period feels a little bit like a blur,” she continues. “But the person said that watching my wins has allowed her to remember her own wins and have this celebration she never gave herself … I look forward to the day when I can look back and remember, ‘Ah, yeah. That was cool.’”

Until then, Quinta’s anticipating a little break during the winter hiatus.

“I’m looking forward to actually … going away and being able to sit in silence,” she says. “Silence and sitting seem to be in short supply for me.”

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