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Phil Rosenthal shares more of ‘Earth’s greatest hits’ in new season of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’


The new season of Somebody Feed Phil, where host Phil Rosenthal travels the world and discovers delicious bites, is out now on Netflix.

Since the show has been airing, Rosenthal tells ABC Audio he’s gotten some insight into which locations have been fan favorites.

“There was one city that we went to that became the #1 place that people tell me they went to because of the show. And that’s Lisbon,” he says. “You don’t think of it. We say you go to Europe or you go to Paris, Barcelona, you know, Rome. Lisbon doesn’t come to the front of the list. Now it’s on the top of the list because they saw it. And once you see it and you see it’s almost an amalgam of all the great other European cities and not as crowded, you’re like, ‘We got to go there.’”

This season, Rosenthal visits Maine; Oregon; Oaxaca, Mexico; Helsinki, Finland; and Madrid, Spain. Of all the places he’s traveled to, he shares that his favorite dish was right here in the USA.

“There’s a lobster roll in Maine that’s pretty awesome, at Red’s Eats,” he says. “It’s undeniable. I mean, if there’s a heaven, that’s one of the places that’s like God’s favorite hangout.”

Still, Rosenthal is certain there’s more to see. He shared that if Netflix renews the show for another season there will be many more scenic destinations and, of course, amazing eats.

“We start with Earth’s greatest hits. Even though we’ve done about 30 of these, we still haven’t scratched the surface of the Earth in terms of the great places to go,” Rosenthal says. “There’s … countries, whole countries, that we haven’t even set foot in yet that I can’t wait to go to. I guess the longer we go, the less well-known the places will become.”

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