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People would trust Arnold Schwarzenegger the most to lead world out of an alien invasion


(LOS ANGELES) — When — or if — the aliens attack, there is one celebrity the world trusts most to act as the best leader. A recent poll from the U.K. found the majority would put their faith in Terminator star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

British publication Express found that a poll of 2,000 Brits asked respondents to weigh who they’d most want to lead them out of a possible Armageddon.

Schwarzenegger was the top choice, but Independence Day star Will Smith was close behind in second place.

Sir David Attenborough, Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise rounded out the top five.

Other celebrities with “alien” experience, such as Sigourney Weaver, Harrison Ford and Gillian Anderson all made the top 10.

Said the study’s commissioners, BLAZE TV, they were not happy with the findings, saying, “It’s worrying to see that so many celebrities with fictional alien experience are considered by many to be better candidates than our current crop of world leader.”

However, when speaking about who was ranked the most trustworthy, BLAZE allowed, “Arnold Schwarzenegger is a strong choice for dealing with an alien invasion, bearing in mind he’s not only a screen action hero but was also Governor of California.”

Schwarzenegger reacted to the study by tweeting Thursday, “I want to thank the people for putting their faith in me. I am ready to serve.”

As for the actual politician Brits would trust most during an alien invasion, former President Donald Trump ranked the highest in eighth place while British politician Nicola Sturgeon ranked higher than the country’s own Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who ranked in 12th place.

As for the current U.S. President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, came in at the bottom of the list at 20th and 19th place, respectively. 

By Megan Stone
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