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Paramount+ will go a second round with ‘The Family Stallone’


A week after the reality show premiered, Paramount+ announced it has renewed The Family Stallone for a second season. 

The series follows Sylvester Stallone, his wife, Jennifer, and their daughters SistineScarlet and Sophia, as they navigate life as one of Hollywood’s most famous families. 

For 26-year-old Sistine, Sly and Jennifer’s eldest, watching the show back had its share of surprises. “Obviously we’ve seen him on TV and film our entire life, but seeing him play the role of Girl Dad was so strange,” she tells ABC Audio.

Sly interrupted, “I thought you were going to say, ‘He looks shorter in person."”

Sistine laughed, “That too, that too. But it’s, you know, we’re used to seeing this macho, tough actor play this role. And now we’re seeing you petting a little Cavapoo and eating cookies.” Sky’s youngest, 20-year-old Scarlet, adds, “And also giving the best wisdom.”

The Rocky creator and Tulsa King star added sarcastically, “There goes my audience … next, I have a cooking show,” miming mixing in a bowl. “Like, ‘Hey, how are ya? Donuts with Sly."”  

Paramount+ says The Family Stallone’s debut on May 17 broke records, becoming the #1 original reality series premiere on the service. 

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