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Owen Wilson talks keeping secret agent secrets in ‘Loki’


Tomorrow, Disney+ launches its latest Marvel Cinematic Universe small-screen spin-off, Loki.

Starring Tom Hiddleston reprising his big-screen God of Mischief, the show picks up after his escape though time in Avengers: Endgame. The maneuver prevented his death as seen in Avengers: Infinity War, but it runs Loki afoul of the Time Variance Authority, which regulates the natural flow of time. Loki’s freedom is short-lived: the TVA takes him into custody, and he’s tasked by Owen Wilson‘s mysterious Agent Mobius with tracking down an even bigger threat to the natural order. 

For Wilson, keeping anything about the show secret was a challenge. “I worked on a lot of things, but the sort of the secrecy sort of surrounding this, I didn’t quite understand,” the actor said at a virtual press conference Monday.

However, Wilson explains his attitude changed when he “saw that it’s just so much the fan base is so kind of revved up and passionate, and Marvel’s just so kind of committed to trying to surprise people. So then you kind of get into it.”

Even though fans finally get a chance to watch the series starting Wednesday on Disney+, Wilson jokes he’s still shy about slipping spoilers. “Well, you definitely are kind of walking on eggshells, you know,” he says, “because you’re not quite sure that this happened in episode three or four or one or have they already seen it?”

But he’s already found a standard answer for the curious: “I just tend to sort of fall back on, ‘There’s some very shocking things that are going to happen,"” Wilson explains with a smile:

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