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One night isn’t enough: Check out the new trailer for ‘Forever Purge’


Though headlines might convince a cynic it’s already happening, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions are imagining what the U.S. would look like if the chaos of The Purge lasted more than one night a year. 

That’s the idea behind Forever Purge: a growing movement of anarchists decide that the series’ one night of lawlessness isn’t enough, and go on the hunt, 24/7. A trailer for the upcoming thriller dropped on Wednesday.

In the chaos, a wealthy Texas family and the family of ranch hands that help them must band together to survive, and flee to Mexico — which has opened its borders as the U.S. collapses into chaos. 

The fifth film in the franchise stars Josh Lucas, Cassidy Freeman, and Ana de la Reguera. It opens July 2. 

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