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‘No Sudden Move’ cast explains why the “deliberately obtuse” noir crime drama is the perfect film without a hero


Steven Soderbergh‘s noir crime drama No Sudden Move takes viewers on a wild ride when three petty thieves, played by Don CheadleKieran Culkin and Benicio del Toro, are drawn into a larger conspiracy manufactured by the automotive companies of the 1950s. 

Del Toro, who plays Ronald Russo, a small-time criminal hired to keep tabs on a low-level auto exec, says the film doesn’t have any real heroes.

“It’s a movie full of snakes, but there’s some snakes that are less poisonous than others,” he tells ABC Audio. “And some that are not poisonous at all, but they’re still snakes. And…it’s a great ride that way.”

Bill Duke, who plays local crime boss Aldrick Watkins, agrees, noting that if you do end up rooting for someone, it’s definitely going to be one of the bad guys.

“One of my favorite shows on TV [that] I felt guilty about was Dexter, because he was a serial killer,” Duke shares. “But you were rooting him because he was killing people worse than you.”

Duke continues, “And that reminds me of my character. I’m not killing anybody, but I am dealing with people that are as ruthless, or more ruthless than me. And we play hardball…So that’s why I enjoyed my character.”

Meanwhile, Jon Hamm, who plays corrupt police detective Joe Finney, says being a part of Soderbergh’s film was a one-of-a-kind experience.

“It’s deliberately obtuse in a lot of ways, and that extends to the characters,” Hamm explains. “We’re not sure on which side of right or wrong, or the law, or justice, or anything…is in this movie. So it rewards paying attention. And there are very few films like that out there…today.”

No Sudden Move hits theaters and HBO on Thursday.

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