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Nick Offerman on attending “Heroic 101 masterclass” in the new ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Nick Offerman tells ABC Audio he’s in a very “fun” place in his career. The Pam & Tommy star is not only able to work with his — and his fan-favorite Parks and Rec character Ron Swanson’s — favorite whiskey brand Lagavulin, but he’s also recently logged time on set of some huge projects.

Offerman will be seen next year in a “wonderful” supporting role as Bill in HBO’s post-apocalyptic video game adaptation The Last of Us, as well as in the next Mission: Impossible movies, opposite Tom Cruise.

“I feel like a sort of special agent,” he says of his “really fun” career direction as of late. “You know…I’m not the main requirement. They’ve got those people covered. But then they’re like, ‘Oh, we need someone who can, you know, giggle and also use a socket wrench. Oh, see if Offerman’s available."”

When asked about what he’ll be doing in the next installments of the blockbuster spy series starring and produced by Tom Cruise, Offerman immediately deadpans, “I kill him, I kill his character.”

He adds with a laugh, “…I think the next most action thing I did [previously] was I was the bad guy in Miss Congeniality 2 many years ago, and Sandra Bullock beat the s*** out of me…”

Offerman called the process of making Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 “fascinating” and “intense,” explaining writer-director Christopher McQuarrie told him, “‘The way we make these movies is we jump out of a plane, and then we start sewing a parachute as we fall and hope that it will land on our feet."”

He added, “…Watching them do what they do was like really like a master class…I kept saying, I feel like I’m in a class called ‘Heroic 101."”

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