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Netflix faith-based teen musical ‘A Week Away’ spreads “hope…love and light”


LOS ANGELES) — Netflix is already getting ready for summer, with the teen musical A Week Away, streaming Friday.

A Week Away is a little different than most teen films — this one is faith-based and a lot of the songs are on the spiritual side.  Bailee Madison, who produced and stars in the movie, tells ABC Audio she was thrilled to be able to put something like that into the world.

“It’s obviously so exciting for us to have a film that feels like it’s for us, but it doesn’t feel separate from anyone else, and that is something that I really love about it,” she says.  “Hopefully it has something for everyone and it can spread a little bit of hope and love and light and for me that was exciting.”

The 21-year-old Bridge to Terabithia star says it should come as no surprise that she has decided to make a faith-based film, having been vocal about her faith in spite of the possible repercussions.

“I remember being eight years old and my mom looking at me and being like, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? Because that’s going to open up a window of just immediately being viewed differently in the business or outside of it or whatever,"” she reflected.

However, Bailee thinks “faith-based” simply means “inclusive.”

“You’re open to all and you love all, no matter what their journey is or who they are or what they’re going through,” she suggests.

By George Costantino
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