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Neil Patrick Harris judges in Hulu’s new series ‘Drag Me to Dinner’


As legislation pops up around the country meant to limit access to drag shows, a new drag show debuts Wednesday on Hulu. It’s called Drag Me to Dinner, starring Neil Patrick Harris as a judge and executive producer.

So what’s the show about?

“Two pairs of drag queens, each in full drag regalia, trying to desperately prepare food and drink and entertainment for themed dinner parties,” Harris explains, adding, “you’d be a fool not to want to observe the shenanigans.”

Observing the shenanigans is what Harris says is a great way to open people’s minds about drag.

“Opinions about drag sometimes come from lack of observation or experience,” he shares. “And I think Drag Me to Dinner provides a great fun view into how they behave in a positive light way that might indoctrinate people into it in a way that they weren’t expecting.”

Even though it’s great exposure, Harris’ partner, David Burtka, also an executive producer, says it’s not a show meant for kids.

“Your 7-year-old shouldn’t be watching this, you know. It’s for a more of an adult crowd, so use your discretion,” says Burtka.

Nonetheless, the show’s host, transgender comedian Murray Hill, says that now is the perfect time for a show like this.

“During this time of like fearmongering, you know, it’s very important to literally just show queer people and drag people living, laughing, joyous lives,” Hill expresses. “And to show that we’re just all people first.”

Harris agrees, explaining, “I’ve never been to a drag show where everyone wasn’t cheering and laughing and smiling and dancing, and the positivity really shines through. So if we can help represent that to people who haven’t seen it, I think that’s a fantastic thing.”

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