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Milo Manheim, Meg Donnelly tease ‘Zombies 3’ will be “otherworldly”


Zombies 3 sings and dances its way onto the Disney+ streaming service this Friday, and its main stars say this installation is both satisfying and supernatural.

Milo Manheim, who plays the zombie Zed, tells ABC Audio the movie not only picks up right where Zombies 2 left off — with aliens landing in their hometown of Seabrook — it drastically ups the ante. “It becomes otherworldly this time,” he teased.

Much like the theme of the previous two installments, with the humans of Seabrook learning to live life with another species, Manheim added of Zombies 3, “We’re still exploring those themes of acceptance, but there’s just a little twist on this one.”

“We realized that it’s important to have conflict because conflict leads to conversation, which leads to progress and growth,” he continued. 

Aside from the “important message” of learning acceptance, Meg Donnelly, who plays the human cheerleader Addison, notes there’s plenty of entertaining numbers that’ll get the audience moving. “There’s so many amazing dance number songs,” she gushed.

This third and final chapter will also finally solve the mystery of Addison’s brilliant white hair, which began glowing at the end of the second movie. Donnelly said fans will be “really, really happy” to learn the truth, hinting, “It’s very satisfying.”

“Addison finds where she belongs,” Manheim added of the “impactful” reveal. “That’s been a theme throughout the whole franchise … She finds out who she is in this movie.”

Donnelly noted this is a welcome arc for her character because she’s spent the past two films accepting others for who they are. “I really look up to her. She’s such an amazing role model for young kids,” she grinned. “I can only hope to be as good as a person as she is.” 

Zombies 3 arrives on Disney+ this Friday, July 15.  

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