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Mila Kunis calls Ashton Kutcher “really dumb” for giving himself pancreatitis twice for movie role


Mila Kunis apparently cannot handle spicy food. And according to a new interview, she also cannot handle her husband’s lies.

The Golden Globe-nominee was the latest guest on First We Feast’s Hot Ones and, while chowing down on a buffet of super-spicy wings, ratted out husband Ashton Kutcher for willingly giving himself pancreatitis… twice. Mayo Clinic describes the condition as a painful inflammation of the pancreas, which can sometimes lead to life-threatening complications or, if repeated, can damage the pancreas.

During a segment called “Spousal Fact Check,” Kunis was asked to verify an answer Kutcher gave during his September 2019 appearance on the show, when he confessed to being hospitalized for “drinking carrot juice non-stop all day long” when preparing to play Steve Jobs in the 2013 film, Jobs.

Kunis said her husband was lying and remarked, “He’s downplaying it. He was so dumb.”

“I think he only ate grapes at one point… it’s so stupid,” she groaned, noting Kutcher attempted to follow Steve Jobs’ restrictive diet of mostly fruits, nuts and grains. “We ended up in the hospital twice. With pancreatitis. So, fact check, yes. It was really dumb.”

Kunis also called out her husband, who was apparently watching the interview off camera, for another lie. He previously claimed to have thrown out all his signature trucker hats and the wardrobe he amassed from That 70s Show. According to Kunis, Ashton instead shoved the entire collection “downstairs,” and shouted “lies” when the actor attempted to defend himself.

All this happened in the early stages of the interview, when Kunis was able to handle the heat.  As the Scoville units skyrocketed on the chicken wings, Kunis struggled to form sentences and even resorted to drinking ranch dressing in order to take off the edge.

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