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Mayim Bialik explains why ‘Call Me Kat’ is like a “warm chocolate chip cookie”


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has created an anxious time in history, which is why people are turning to lighthearted shows like Call Me Kat for comfort. For series star Mayim Bialik, she says her freshman sitcom is “resonating” with people.

“Especially with what’s going on in the world, in the country, our show is… we’re like a warm chocolate chip cookie,” the actress tells ABC Audio. “We just want to hug you.”

Bialik stars as the titular character, Kat, an eccentric woman who turns her life upside down for the pursuit of happiness — which means quitting her stable job as a math professor to open a cat café.

Besides the Fox show presenting itself as a fresh-from-the-oven cookie, the Emmy nominee adds, “I think a lot of people just want fun and they want something light. “

“Our show has a lot of heart,” continues Bialik, noting how the sitcom explores the concept of what it means to be happy, “We also have a lot of, like, silliness and physical comedy. And we break the fourth wall and we wave to you at the end. It’s supposed to feel good.”

And while the series itself is comforting the audience, Bialik says she knew the sitcom was something special when her Big Bang Theory co-star Jim Parsons pitched the concept to her.

Bialik, who owns three cats, said she jumped on board after hearing the show’s synopsis because, “That was a slam dunk for me.  I get to play with cats at work and at home!”   

Call Me Kat’s first season just wrapped and has yet to be picked up for season two. In the meantime, catch up on Call Me Kat by watching the series on demand via the Fox website. 


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