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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck create an icon in new trailer to ‘Air’


Amazon Studios has just dropped the trailer to Air, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon‘s fact-based film about the creation of one of the most iconic pieces of footwear ever created: Nike’s Air Jordan.

It’s 1984 and “nobody knows what a Nike is.” Enter Damon as sneaker company executive Sonny Vaccaro, who lobbies director Affleck, playing Nike co-founder Phil Knight, with an idea to put the company on the map: creating “the greatest basketball shoe that’s ever been made,” built around an unknown college basketball player named Michael Jordan.

The trailer shows Damon personally courting the future court star’s mom, Deloris, played by another Oscar winner, Viola Davis, all the while trying to convince the company he’s not out of his mind. “I’m willing to bet my career on one guy,” Damon says.

“I believe in your son,” he tells MJ’s mom. “I believe he’s the future. And his story is going to make us want to fly. But a shoe is just a shoe.”

“Until my son steps into it,” she responds.

The trailer closes with Affleck’s Knight asking of the shoe, “Got a name for it?”

“Air Jordan,” Damon’s character replies breathlessly.

“I dunno. Maybe it’ll grow on me,” Affleck replies.

The movie, which also stars Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker and Marlon Wayans, hits theaters April 5.

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