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Liam Neeson on the chilling experience of filming ‘The Ice Road’


Liam Neeson plays a trucker trying to save the day in Netflix’s new disaster flick, The Ice Road, premiering today. The actor says it was chilling experience, to say the least.

The movie, about an ice driver leading a treacherous rescue mission to save workers trapped in a Canadian diamond mine, was filmed in Winnipeg during the winter, in minus 35-degree weather.  And if you’re wondering what that feels like, Neeson bluntly tells ABC Audio, “It’s f****** cold.”

Even worse, Liam says he and several other cast members, including co-star Laurence Fishburne, had to go under the ice into the water.

“That was scary, I have to admit, because we had to stay on there for a good 10 to 12 seconds before we burst out again,” he recalled.

So, what was he thinking about while under the water?  “I couldn’t get out of my mind the people that died in the Titanic.”

Which begs the question: Why would the 69-year-old actor put himself through that?

“I’m Irish Catholic.  We like self-flagellation every now and again,” he jokes.

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