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Leslie Odom Jr. provides sweet update on infant son Able: “He’s an easy baby so far!”


Leslie Odom Jris opening up about his newborn son, Able Phineas, whom he welcomed alongside wife Nicolette Robinson on March 25. 

The Broadway told ABC Audio that Able is an “easy baby,” but admitted that’s probably because his first child, Lucille Ruby, put him and Nicolette through the ringer four years prior.

“I don’t think we relaxed with Lucy for, like, two years, you know what I mean? Like, when she was asleep, we were like checking to see if she was still breathing,” Leslie reminisced.

With Able, Leslie assured he and Nicolette are much “more calm and relaxed” because they’ve learned the ropes.

“We know that if he’s in the other room, he’s okay. Like, he can’t roll off the bed yet,” the Tony Award-winner grinned.  “Everything’s more calm this time around.”

“I don’t mean to say that to be disparaging to our first baby, our little girl,” Leslie, 39, chuckled. “We do find Abel easier… He’s a good eater. Good little sleeper. He’s an easy baby so far.”

Speaking of eating, the Hamilton star is looking forward to celebrating Father’s Day with his new family of four, and revealed, “I’ve been the short order cook in this house for the past year, so I want something good!”

However, Odom said he doesn’t need to be spoiled: “I don’t need a lot. A new book is always nice, a nice drive somewhere… a childless evening?  Maybe the grandparents taking the kids?” 

For fans who want to give Leslie a present, he encourages them to check out the song he and Nicolette wrote in partnership with Bayer Aspirin, called “Second Chance,” which honors heart attack survivors and creatively uses a very special heart attack survivor’s heartbeat as a rhythm: his father-in-law’s, Stuart K. Robinson.

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